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Aurelio Pena
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Aurelio Pena

A craftsman's Journey

Aurelio Pena’s journey into the world of electrical craftsmanship commenced in the year 2002, marking the inception of a lifelong commitment to an industry he has fervently embraced ever since. However, it wasn’t until the dawn of a new decade in 2010 that he took the plunge and established Hitek Electrical, a venture that has not only become a thriving business but a testament to his unwavering dedication to providing real world electrical solutions and lighting up the ideas of home and business owners alike.

Passion for Electrical Systems

Aurelio’s affinity for the realm of electricity and circuitry can be traced back to his high school days, a time when he first ventured into the intriguing world of electronics. While the intricacies of electrical systems might leave most bewildered, for him, it’s an innate understanding that flows as naturally as a gentle stream. His early forays into electronics laid the foundation for what would later evolve into a formidable career in the electrical trade.

Experience that Matters.

In Hitek’s capable hands, they stand ready to take on your next project.  What set’s them apart is their deep-rooted pride and respect for the work. It’s not merely a matter of flipping switches and connecting wires, but is about ensuring the safety of families and enhancing the quality of their homes, as well as meeting the expectations of business owners.

The unique set of skills and values that Aurelio has instilled into Hitek Electrical helps assist in the transformation of ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones.  Bringing the power of electricity and light to anyone with a vision and a desire for elevated spaces.

Aurelio Pena

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